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to the weekend, lots going on. >> but first hailing a cab in any big city is a challenge, but now d.c. is becoming the first place in the u.s. to use technology that's already a huge hit overseas. we'll explain how it works. >>> hailing a cab in d.c. is sometimes easier said than done, but don't worry. there's now an app for that. today marked the launch of the my taxi service in the city and you use it on your phone. here's how it works. drivers can sign up to take part in the service. once you sign in to say you need a cab it uses gps to find the closest one to you and sends it your way. at the end of the ride you can pay using paypal or a preloaded credit card on your account. to learn more go to our website >>> white is topping the list of most popular car colors this year. the annual survey by an automotive paint supplier finds that 22% of the cars and trucks built for model year 2012 have white paint. silver vehicles account for 20%. black, gray and red round out the top five. > a woman dying of cancer is hoping her story about the tsa prevents other people from
? there's a new app for that. today my taxi launches here in d.c., itself first city in the u.s. to get the popular system from europe. you heard how the system works first this morning right here on 9news now. >> press the button and then you see all the taxis around you. the first one accepts your request. you can follow on the screen when the taxi is arriving, where the taxi is at and you have a countdown showing you when to go outside so you don't have to wait in the rain. >> the app is free for smartphones. riders won't pay any more for their fares than the standard rate. cabbies will pay 99 cents a ride starting next year. >>> if you bought a new white or silver car this year, our tea good company. those have been the top vehicle color choices. 22% of cars and trucks built for the 2012 model year have white paint. silver at 20%. black in third place followed by gray and red. and if you love beer, this news is for you. out of 150 countries studied, it takes the least amount of time to earn a beer in the united states. swiss bank ubs says it takes americans just five minutes on the
much for coming? >> thank so you much for having us. >> washington, d.c., first city in the united states. you're really big in europe. why did you pick washington? >> well, washington is just ready for a taxi app like my taxi. we figured is that we for the first time bring transparency to the market. also we have a very strong partner called car to go which is a subsidy of dimeler and they're already very big over here. we're hoping to make use of our potential and kind of bring a new subject to the whole transportation system in d.c. >> you've got a little bit of competition so far from the likes of a livery system, not entirely a taxi system. taxi magic which really hasn't had a big foothold here in washington. how does your app work? what makes it different from the other apps that are available? >> well, first of all, we target a bigger group of people so my taxi is designed for everyone out there. what we exrait is a connection between the -- we create is a connection between the driver and the passenger which makes it very individual for both sides. >> basically if you are l
of the city's first post season baseball game in 79 years. >> i'm matt jablow where people were hoping to buy tickets. some fans unable to attend tomorrow's 1:00 game. >> absolutely. >> after the announcement to major league baseball, which came yesterday afternoon. >> very difficult because he is waiting day by day. >> that tomorrow's game would start at 1:00. >> i wish it was at night. >> thousands of fans with tickets to the game have had to either give up their tickets or figure out a way to leave work. >> is there anything available for tomorrow? >> mike who owns his own electrical supply company is now hoping to buy tickets from an unlucky person unable to attend tomorrow's game. >> can you check your other box office? >> he observes that were it not all by required, the yank keys play their games in prime time, it's likely the nationals would have been able to play at night and this entire problem could have been avoided. >> after we get into the playoffs for several years to come, we'll be right there in prime time as well. >> yankees. >> you got it. >> matt jablow, 9new
says ambassador stevens was eager to connect with libyans 600 miles away in benghazi, one of the first cities to declare itself free from gadhafi's rule, but it was still a dangerous place. >> i do know there was an al qaeda demonstration in benghazi in june. they had a parade down the street. they raised their flag on one of the county buildings there. >> reporter: isn't that sort of a red flag for the security situation, that you have al qaeda supporters rallying in the streets of benghazi in june of 2012? >> yes, that was another indicator to watch, to be aware of, and to try and compensate for as well. >> reporter: wood says ambassador stevens and his staff repeatedly asked for more security, but instead got less. when stevens visited benghazi on september 11, wood's group and three security teams had all been sent home. so your team pulls out of libya and a month later, you get this terrible news. what had happened in benghazi? >> i had heard about it in the evening that there had been an attack on the compound and i heard there was a fatality. >> reporter: your friend. >> yes. i
from rookie pinch hitter tyler moore. washington beat st. louis 3-2 in the city's first post season game since 1933. >> it was fun, i think the atmosphere was great, the fans here some of the best fans in baseball, so it is a great place to play. >> every time you win a game, it is huge. they played in a playoff game or the wild card game before. i think it was good for us to get a w. >> it is baseball, there is no science behind it. baseball just about controlling your heartbeat and you know, we did that today. >> now among the 47,000 people packing busch stadium yesterday there was also a group of vocal nats fans. game two against the cardinals starts at 4:37 p.m. and then our first home game of the series is of course on wednesday at noon. something i think all of us here in washington are looking forward to. mike and andrea? >> of course we are looking forward to it. >> that is going to be a tough ticket on get on wednesday. the success of all of our sports team in the region has been a good thing for local businesses. specifically you know at the sports bars and restaurants. th
organizations are coming together to support veterans in 200 cities across america. but first, reinvigorating nuclear security has been a top air force priority since a b-52 bomber mistakenly fitted with nuclear weapons flew across the country. a once rigorous system has grown lapse. meanwhile, the air force is modernizing by keeping with a 2010 obama plan by keeping with a smaller arsenal. in 2010, a nuclear treaty limited with russia limited the number of nuclear weapons. i recently spoke with the chief of staff, and asked him what looming automatic budget cuts would mean for the nuclear enterprise. >> well the nuclear enterprise is the perfection is standard. we look very hard at any serious cut that would jeopardize nuclear assurety. it does loom. it is equivalent to a meat axe. it is not a surgical strike of our dollars, and it has a serious effect. we cannot afford that kind of a cut in our nuclear enterprise. we're in the midst of modernizing our weapons systems we have made great strides to strangen our ability. our airmen are performing well, everything is on the table in this budget
? >>> from new york city, newlywed blake lively's first public appearance since saying "i do." >> life is great. >>> whatever happened to shelley long? >> he looks kind of familiar. >> sam and diane together again. >> i hate you. >> are you as turned on as i am? >> more! >> they're long-awaited reunion and the truth behind shelley's "cheers" exit. >> they didn't offer me that until i had already made my decision to leave.
in the city. a team of first responders in town from northern california california helped bring patients to safety. >>> water is usually welcome by firefighters. this much quite an obs cal. firefighters responded to a fire last night. the flames spread to businesses an other homes. flooding made it difficult to get to the site. 50 homes were destroyed. >>> residents in new jersey are under a mandatory curfew until 6:00 a.m. more than 1 million homes and businesses were left without power. the storm cut off atlantic city and other island communities, stranding many residents who decided to stay put based on what their major told them rather than evacuated as the governor suggested. >>> a woman who was rescued in the atlantic after abandoning a ship in rough weather turned up by hurricane sandy has clieed. she was unresponsive when she was pulled from the water and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. 14 other crew members were rescued. a sailing vessel that was originally bill from the -- built in 1962. >>> well really want to hear from you and what your and your family are doing thro
. the first was against the steelers. this afternoon against kansas city. solomon: and boy, has he earned it. every single yard. he's gotten dirty, he's been hit, but he's stayed in this game and he's paid off. and carson palmer said we believe in our running game. we believe in darren mcfadden. to a man the coaches have said the same thing and now you see why. this is a guy that is learning to run in this new zone scheme. they've run more man and more power stuff. as you talked about, the second 100-yard rushing game in season. he's had to make some adjustments and some of the people in front of him blocking have moved around and he's had to adjust to them as well. kevin: mcfadden has 4 yards he's registered here in the second half. remaining in the game right now. here's a first and 10 as the chiefs from the kansas city 22. mcfadden. the clock is going to continue to tick to the two-minute warning. after that two-yard gain by mcfadden. mcfadden. raiders on top by 10. yeah, but can he do this? [ male announcer ] cheer on whitney phelps as she trains for the ing new york city marathon. with
in 2007 new york city theft of apple products has nearly tripled reaching 13,782 in just the first nine months of this year. >> just about every major city across the country has the same exact crime dynamic. those gadgets are valuable and help drive crime. >> here's what police are worried about. a week before the release of the bigger, better iphone 5, the thefts of iphones ground to a near halt and the analysts believe the thieves stopped stealing the old phones until they could start stealing the new iphone 5. >> the sales are very robust as far as iphone 5s are concerned. so, yeah, we have to anticipate that. >> across the country police are expecting a surge in theft. >> as a new product comes out that becomes the item du jour. >> even if the victims deactivate the phones the phones can be re-activated with a new sim card. what could phone carriers do to make it stop? >> we've been asking this for years. that's to disconnect the phone. make it a useless piece of junk if it's stolen. >> why? after years of requests could the phone carriers be resisting the option of permanently dis
or destruction. in new york city, the sun finally came out today, along with the first sounds of recovery. ( bell ringing ) the stock market opened for the first time this week. buses are back. and there could be some subway service tomorrow. the biggest challenge remains pumping floodwaters out of tunnels. the u.s. military is helping, and we flew along today with lieutenant general thomas bostic, commander of the army corps of engineers. >> about 28,000 gallons a minute. to put that in understandable terms, it'll empty a pool, an olympic-size pool, in about 20 minutes. we're trying to figure out how many pools we have in new york city. >> reporter: the police released this video today of staten island residents being rescued from their flooded homes. president obama joined governor chris christie on a tour of the new jersey shore, where sandy made landfall monday evening. >> we are not going to tolerate red tape. we are not going to tolerate bureaucracy. and i've instituted a 15-minute rule, essentially, on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes, whether it's the mayors, the
a bangladesh man as he attempted to blow up a federal reserve building in new york city. >>> a judge has dismissed first degree assault charges against two college park police officers. james harrison and reginald baker struck a maryland student john mckenna during a rowdy post-game celebration in 2010. >>> coming up on 6:55. we'll be back with a last check of traffic and weather right after this. . >>> one more thing. just how much fun it is shopping for women. look at us last night. >> dancing by the way. we were dancing. >> we learned the wobble so we were doing that. >> then we emceed the event. the sale at saks goes on till sunday. 2% of all sales go for it. >> great time and suburban hospital will benefit, their breast center will benefit from sales at saks chevy chase. >> good job, ladies. >>> weather wise we're in good shape through midday. late this afternoon could be a shower. better chance of showers and maybe strong storms tonight. we're drying out tomorrow and a nice cool, fall weekend ahead. >>> right now it's just a lot of brake lights in front of you on the major thorough
a pulse on how they are faring up north. >> and while new york city is reeling, there are signs of recovery. they have limited subway service tomorrow. city buses and two of the three airports are up and running and for the first time this week the new york stock exchange opened today. the engineers are still trying to figure out to how take down the dangling crane in manhattan. >> this river crested at six feet above flood stage. wind was the biggest problem in brunswick. most of the city still in the dark and residents there trying to deal with a downed trees that are all over the place. >> and didn't dominion virginia power trying to get the last of the customers back online and as of now there are 5800 customers still without power in northern virginia. >> i'm surae chinn where dominion power is still trying to get thousands of people back online. it is a welcome sight to residents after sandy's destruction. >> we have here what was a real quagmire. >> the more damage, the longer the outage and the wait for repairs. waiting anxiously is angus, bundled up and on day two witho
like ocean city that line new jersey's coast. when sandy came ashore she hit here first. tom and eileen feel lucky to be alive. >> lost our fingernails watching the news over the last couple of days and not to say we're not devastated. but what's important to us we still have our footprint here. >> reporter: their vacation house is gutted, swamped by the storm. all that remains is the bare framework of their home. >> we had a lot of, you know, good times here. going to be a lot of cleaning up. >> reporter: now barrier islands like ocean city run all up and down the new jersey coast. and they certainly are a great vacation spot but they also serve another purpose. when a big storm like sandy hits they cushion the blow for towns like summers point. norah and gayle. >> chip reid, thank you. we mentioned earlier that sandy could be one of the five most expense hurricanes in u.s. history. list focus on that now with our editor of cbs moneywatch. jack, the cost is just staggering, the devastation. how is this going to impact our larger economy? >> sure. early estimates are tough to get a hand
was first manufactured and marketed in baltimore. today the city's museum of industry has an exhibit dedicated to ouija history. >> this is a collection of ouija paraphernalia. >> reporter: catherine duncan is the collection's manager. >> no one knows that the ouija was from baltimore. >> reporter: this is a bit of hometown pride. >> yes. we're a weird town. >> reporter: pictures reveal its place in pop culture. >> it was considered a parlor game, a party game. >> reporter: norman rockwell's cover of the saturday evening post from may, 1920, depicted the ouija as a gateway to more than just another world. >> they're on a date more than likely. it looks like he's trying to take advantage of her more than he should be. >> reporter: legend has it the board picked its own name spelling out o-u-i-j-a. and now a bit of living history. stewart fold and kathy fold are descendents of william fold who owned and ran the company that popularized the ouija. >> i've always said to people, it's just a game. that's how my father felt about it. >> if these things were truly the doorway of the devil,
that there was at rfk stadium that first year the team got off to a great start. the whole city was captivated by it and they were 19 games over .500 at the midway point with a 5 1/2 game lead over atlanta and faded in 2nd half and played 19 games under .500 wound up in last place and hadn't seen anything close to .500 until this year, until the end of last year when they finished a game under .500. >> reporter: but the beginning of this season folks are saying if they make .500 this season, it will be a really good year. now look. >> they made just about .500 last year and i think everybody thought if they around this team and you knew the personnel and you saw spring training in addition to gio gonzalez with the help of adam laroche who missed all of last year and was never effective in the five weeks or so that he played with the bad shoulder, then they went through all these injuries despite a 14-4 start in the first few weeks of the season. you were without michael morse until june. ryan zimmerman had a bad shoulder. early may jayson werth breaks his wrist against the phillies trying to
. >> hip. >> reporter: an article saying, quote, the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets, the hipness debate has raged on. first, when you think of hip as hipsters. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: some who organize onesie bar crawls. brooklyn new york wins on that front. >> hip. >> reporter: so to compare -- >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: she is promoting her hometown hipness in the hippest way on twitter. >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: to be fair, we reached out to the author. she wasn't available, but in the article she points to one detracting factor, lots of young people here that would be hip work for the government or, quote, the man. >> nonprofit people, everyone's talking about politics, you know. >> that's not hip? >> not hip at all. >> i think it really needs to support the arts more. >> reporter: she moved here, picked columbia heights to live in. he was leaning as d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we
in the offseason. >> it was the first time a d.c. baseball team played a playoff game in in city in 79 years and almost 1 -- in this city in 79 years and almost 100 nationals fans tried to scoop up the few remaining standing room only seats. >> what time did you get out here? >> about 20 minutes to 6:00. >> just now calling into work to let them know i'll not be here today. >> i was here for the first opener when they opened the stadium and figured better be here for the first playoff game, too. >> reporter: how much would i have to pay you for that ticket? >> i wouldn't sell it, no. stood out here four hours? i don't think so. >> you cannot pay me enough money to give these tickets. i worked really hard to about get this day off for this game -- to get this day off and i'm going. >> but i'll sell them now. the exact start time is yet to be announced. >> i love the fact that the guy says he could actually call into work and let them know he's just not going to be there. >> and he's on camera saying that. >> absolutely. >>> today's game was played almost exactly 79 years after the last baseb
nearly 2% in the first eight months of this year after falling three straight years. this national weather report sponsored by citi private pass. get more access with a citi card. >>> a man accused of a $100 million charity fraud called himself bobby thompson and mister x. fingerprints reveal he's been a fugitive since the 1980s. >> we love catching people that don't think they can be caught. >> this morning we'll have john donald cody's story and show you how united states marshals finally tracked him down. >> there's nothing stewed by the today's crash test dummies. modern technology is saving lives on the road. on cbs "this morning". to cover cleanup costs. cted and today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with doubl
comes 50 years after the release of the first james bond movie. woody allen was among the big names at the annual honors gala in new york city. it benefits a foundation for leukemia, cancer and aids research. >> the research will never end. there's no cure yet. we still got to keep the fight going and hopefully in our lifetime we'll see a cure. >> reporter: the annual bash raised more than $1 million for the charity. carol burnett is getting a big honor from her alma mater. hollywood high school's performing arts center announced it's naming an annual award after the 79-year-old funny woman. she will be the first recipient. other famous alumni of the high school include judy garland, mickey rooney, cher and lawrence fishburg. rock legend rod stewart signed copies of his new memoir at a manhattan bookstore. the book takes an upbeat look back at the raspy voice singer's career and includes tidbits like he almost left one of his biggest hit maggie may off his album. that's your eye on entertainment, cbs news, hollywood. >>> good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'
. >> reporter: it all started with this. >> hip. >> reporter: an article saying the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets the hipness debate has raged on. first if you think of hip as hipsters. some who organize bar calls. morgan greenbaum is promoting her hometown hipness in the hippest way on twitter. >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: we reached out to the author. she wasn't available, but in the article she points to one detracting factor, lots of young people here, the would be hip work for the government or the man. >> lobbyists, lawyers, nonprofit people one talking about politics, you know -- people, everyone talking about politics, you know. >> i think they really need to support the arts here. >> reporter: ben was leaning towards d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we're comparing it to a place as fashion forward as other east coast cities, i think it would be tough to measure up fashionwise. >> reporter: clothes are one thing, nightlife another. hilly poin
the outbreak. no one else has died from the fungal meningitis that caused it and the first person went home from the hospital since all this started. >>> earlier this year washington paused to watch the space shuttle discovery make its final flight over the city. today los angeles is coming out to watch space shuttle endeavour crawl to its final home. the retired shuttle is going 2 miles an hour on a two-day journey to the california science center where it will go on display. many trees had to be cut down to accommodate the shuttle's width. >>> after the break topper has your weekend forecast plus a look at just how cold it drops tonight. 9news continues on a friday night. >>> we are just over an hour away from the nats' elimination game against the defending world champion cardinals. let's head back to nats park with dave owens. we don't want to think about elimination, day. >> reporter: nope, we're not thinking about elimination. one last check of the game right before we get things started joined by paul white, usa today, national baseball reporter. paul, i always like to catch up with
of the health plan. that is owned by jeffrey thompson. chartered health is the city's largest manager of healthcare. its contract with the dc government valued at more than $350 million. our source says the missing 5 million was discovered in an audit we first reported thursday night that dc officials board of directors jeff thompson and others signed places to put the company under a receiver. that receiver is authorized to seek a buyer for chartered health plan. >> coming up, a very special moment for an 8-year-old girl's gym class. a long awaited surprise reunion. >> the band is strutting down georgia avenue today. big crowds for the homecoming weekend. we're going to fake you there. >> it was a gorgeous saturday, but even better weather. look at your wake up forecast. clear and then sunny as we head to 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be 40s and 50s by 8:00. then we'll warm into the 60s in >>> a moment a little girl won't soon forget. the 8 years was sitting in class when she got a special surprise. her mom, an army sergeant, walked into the school gym. >> i love you. >> i love you, to
to retirement and here's bill whitaker. >> reporter: just before midnight los angeles got the first glimpse of something never seen before: a 78-ton spaceship, five stories tall, 78-foot swing span moving majestically through dense city streets. it was a dramatic entrance fit for hollywood. >> gave me goose bumps. >> reporter: project manager ken carrion is responsible for getting "endeavour" through the streets of l.a. >> i had no idea how the community would be coming together. it's just so special. >> reporter: it has been a remarkable journey for the "endeavour", from outer space to inner city. this might not be its riskiest mission, but possibly its most complicated. its 12-mile trek at two miles an hour goes over freeways, down boulevards, through neighborhoods, almost 400 trees were cut down to make way. 2,700 metal plates laid down to strengthen roadways. power lines were lifted, stoplights removed. so it's like an obstacle course. >> it is an obstacle course, yeah. >> reporter: mike lofts is one of six operators using this joy stick to maneuver the six computerized transporters car
better from the 2011 deficit. that was $1.3 trillion. >>> a big drop in revenue for the first casino to open in maryland. lottery officials announced the hollywood casino took in $5.9 million. that is down about a third from last year. but, casinos in anne arundel county and ocean city took in $32 million and $5 million and those are 5% increases. expanding gambling to include table games and perhaps adding a sixth casino in prince georges county are on the ballot come november. >>> the question of legalizing same-sex marriage is on the ballot in maryland next month and weeks after one of the baltimore ravens linebackers made headlines with his support of that referendum, another player is speaking out against it. >> i'm ravens center, marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout the ages as an honored institution because it provides unique foundation for societies and children. marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. it's also about the next generation. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> that video by raven center matt burke is only be
everybody down. after losing 500 times since 2006, teddy roosevelt wins for the first time. just like that. when we come back the search is over. a woman caught on camera breaking the law by riding a manatee has surrendered. >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in d.c. thunderstorms 82 degrees. sunny in atlanta 84. 82 degrees in st. louis. 54 in denver. partly sunny skies in seattle, 65. >>> with millions of americans tuning in to watch last night's debate you might expect the candidates to be edgy but check out what mitt romney was up to before he took the stage. romney watched as three his grandsons and his sons by the way played jinga. that can be pretty intense. last year sales of dietary supplements totals $20 million. now some may have misleading labels. >> reporter: the report found that 20% of supplements had labels that claim to treat a disease and that's illegal. for example the government says this label for a product containing vitamins and a compound called dim complex is legal because it claims to boost until immune system and boost overall heal
-1. they end the season with 98 wins, the most in franchise history. yay nats! >>> baseball has its first triple crown winner in 45 years. miguel came bare a -- came by a finished the season -- cabrera finished the season leading in rbis. he received a standing ovation from the crowd in kansas city. >> that's an accomplishment. >> that is a real accomplishment accomplishment. i think baseball blew the schedule on this playing on the road but anyway, we are excited. >> can't you tell? >> 91 wins is -- 98 wins is great. they'll have to finish it on the road and come back here. >>> i'm excited about saturday. it's sunday i have a lot of concerns about. we have a big shot of cool air headed this way. here's a look at the day planner for the rest of this afternoon. we have temperatures which will be climbing into the low #s on. some spot -- low 80s. some spots maybe 83, 84. partly sunny conditions here and a little more sun as the afternoon wears on. tonight we're down to 70 by 9:00 dipping into the 50s in the suburbs with low 60s in d.c. showers around this morning. even a little bit of drizz
be nominated 25 years after their first hit. brush, deep >>> this national weather report sponsored by party city. nobody has more halloween for less. >> where is congressman jesse jackson jr. he was treated for bipolar disorder. four months later his wife said he still cannot go out in public. this morning we'll show you why jackson is likely to be re-elected to congress without campaigning. >> two developers want to tear down this home to build new ones. the trouble is it was built by a legendary architect. >> never in my wildest dream i would have thought this would ever happen, someone would want to tear down a franklin lloyd wright. >> we'll visit the house that may be too expensive to save on cbs "this morning". [ female announcer ] dove go sleeveless presents the latest thing to wear with beautiful tops. beautiful underarms. wear with halter tops, tube tops, and bustiers. ball gowns. almost all gowns. camis, jammies, toga tops, yoga tops, and va-va-voom tops. with 1/4 moisturizers and vitamins e and f, dove go sleeveless deodorant makes underarms soft and smooth in just five days. eff
. >> and the councilman said that the city will easily collect more money than what they spend on the extra cops and the playoffs. the first game in that park is on october 10. i don't know if they sold out or not. it looks like they will have a standing this. >> yeah, that is worth it. >> i hope that the weather will cooperate then. >> yes, there you go. but that will be the day. >> one of those days. yes, just fantastic. >> a little peckish right now. you cannot oversell that tomorrow in the weekend we'll start out 50. take a look outside. our michael and son weather cam. it is gorgeous. finally some drier air has moved in. we're really going to feel it tonight. temperatures the p -- temperatures want. eventually in the 50s. the winds finally shifted north to northwest at 12. that will also bring in the much more comfortable air as we go through the nighttime hours. even though technically a cold front has gone on through. remember that it is just a wind shift and we have the wind shift, but it will not bed colder tomorrow, still spectacular. speaking of cold though. we're going to go ahead an
's -- it's the worst thing that's happened to this city certainly since 9/11. >> pelley: police commissioner ray kelly. the city is slowly working its way back to normal. partial bus service was restored this evening and the stock market will reopen tomorrow for the first trading session of the week. the coast guard is not giving up hope of finding the captain of the h.m.s. "bounty", the sailing ship built for the movie "mutiny on the bounty." it went down in the hurricane yesterday in north carolina. captain robin walbridge was wearing a survival suit and rescuers say there was a chance he is alive. 14 others were rescued. one of the crew members was killed. she was claudine christian, a descendent of fletcher christian who led the famed mutiny on the bounty in 1789. when a manhattan hospital lost power last night, our dr. jon lapook responded with many other physicians to the emergency. you'll hear his story next. those little things still get you. for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
for tampa bay. os lose to the rays 4-1 but the yankees won, too. the tigers first baseman won the triple crown mvp. he went 0-2 last night and got a standing ovation from the crowd in kansas city. >>> it is just about 6:25. still ahead, which local political candidate is under fire for not voting in recent elections? >> we'll have more on last night's debate, including a fast check on mitt romney's tax plan. >>> right now beverly farmer gives us a fact check on your morning commute. >> fairfax county we have issues. sky 9 showing us the scene of the crash. a medevac. southbound will be blocked at monument drive. you're watching 9news now. we'll be back with more news and traffic. stay with us. >>> we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at springfield, virginia. lots of slow traffic in that area. you'll need to take some rain gear with you. mostly cloudy, 69 degrees. >>> thanks so much for starting your thursday with us. i'm mike hydeck. >>> i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace to expand on our
for the d.c. government this year, but today the city council moved to reduce the fines that are produced by those tickets. i'll have that story coming up. >>> but first, beyonce may be laying low, but that's all about to change and in a very big way. ♪[ music ] >> we bring a little jelly to the halftime of the super bowl this year. are you ready for this jelly? beyonce will be the halftime performer. a source tells the associated press that a formal announcement is expected tomorrow. you can watch the game and the performance right here on cbs next february. >>> well 12 years ago, the baltimore ravens brought home the super bowl title to charm city and o.j. played a key role in that championship. >> you know his life has taken a different path since then. life after football. for the ravens defender now dealing with a debilitating disease. >> you know the old cheer, defense attack. that's the quarterback. that is what o.j. did during his professional and college football career. he won a super bowl with the ravens and before that, a championship with the baltimore stallions. clearly
them on our home page. and let's check out the first one. this is the other tree down. this is up the road from the station. it's on cathedral avenue right off connecticut, where samantha fried -- friedman. the atlanta fa city boardwalk. we've been hearing all day about the flooding. it's gone. the boards are gone. all that's left, it's unbelievable. just be careful. one more for you. this is more flooding in north beach maryland. don't drive your cars through there. before i let you guys go. you and -- had a, a discussion the difference between a hurricane and what's is now a hurricane. >> the ap announced sandy is no longer a hurricane. it's a super storm. we're getting a lot of feedback. what does it mean? does it work for us. i just went back, interviewed with a little i-phone video that we're about to upload. log to our facebook page. back slash wusa9. >> closing emergency phone numbers and everything you need to know in our facebook page on wusa9. keephe
in new york city. >>> also ahead, police reveal if their damaged speed camera is the result of an accident or act of revenge. >> but first, after the big win at home against the vikings, the redskins prepare to hit the road. tough challenge against the nfc east rival, new york giants. they are also the super bowl champs. we'll go inside the skins locker room coming up. >>> and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> redskins are fresh off a big performance by robert griffin, iii, and their first win at home in eight games. they are prepared to open divisional play. the skins are open to regain part of the lead in the tough nfc east. dianne roberts has more on one of the biggest rivalries in football. >> grossman for the end zone, touchdown. >> the redskins and giants have met each other 160 times before. with the giants dominating the all-time theory, 892-# 92-4. that was then and this is now. >> it gives us confidence knowing we can compete with anybody in the league because they won the super bowl last year and we didn't finish this well, but we beat them twice. that giv
, the shooter's first attempt to communicate with police. there are so many items, archivists are still working to get an accurate account of all of them. >>> tonight the city of purcelville hopes to lift a boil water order. crews have repaired a water main that ruptured tuesday night. test results in a second round of water samples aren't expected to come back till 6:00 p.m. town water customers are advised to boil any water to be used for drinking, cooking or making ice just as a precaution. >> 5:35. it is money time for your money report. >> that means it's time for jessica doyle. she's back with the high prices we are all paying at the pump. i felt it yesterday. >> oh, boy. >> 3:78. >> as a result of what we're paying, a lot of drivers may be questioning the conventional wisdom that we have labor day come and then gas prices start falling. that really hasn't been happening this year. a month later we're still paying pretty high prices at the pump. oil prices had been falling since mid september. demand for gasoline is down. but what's going on here, we've got refinery and pipeline problems.
. >> reporter: it all started with this. an article saying, quote, the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets the hipness debate has raged on. first you think of hip as hipsters. >> walk around with a coffee in my hand. >> reporter: in brooklyn, new york wins on that front. one washingtonian is prohitting her hometown hipness in the hippest way, on twit gler to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: we reached out to the author. she wasn't available but in the article she points to one detracting factor. lots of young people here. the would-be hip work for the government or, quote, the man. >> nonprofit people. everyone is talking about politics, you know. >> reporter: that's not hip? >> not hip at all. >> i think we need to support the arts more. >> reporter: he was leaning towards d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we're comparing it to a place that's as fashion forward as other east coast cities like new york, i think it would be tough to measure up fashion wise. >> reporter: clothes are
in jamaica where hurricane sandy hit earlier this week. traffic moved slowly around the capital city as police directed drivers around blocked roadways. the island's power companies says at one point 70% of residents lost power. >>> some wounded warriors are the first to see the newly renovated statue of liberty. they were treated thursday to a tour of the $30 million renovations, including a new elevator to the observation deck. lady liberty will reopen to the public on sunday which is also its 126th annual versery. hopefully -- anniversary. hopefully sandy doesn't complicate it. >>> if you want an escape from the hurricane talk, we'll have a rundown of the movies. >> in sports yet another maryland quarterback falls to injury. >> next at 5:14, we can't escape it. howward is going to take a closer look at sandy's possible path towards our area next week. you're watching 9 news now. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time is 5:14. it's friday of the that's the good news. howard is preparing us for some bad news coming our way. >> weather wise it's going to be a busy, lon
in a number of dyfferent cities in the key swing states b30 people, and they react second by second, using dials. in and in almost every biden's style scores did better than ryans and yet when you startlet discussion the first thing they said is, "why was he interrupting? why was he seeming to go overboard? he was passionate but he went too far." >> at the risk of interrupting, you know, what strikes me about this with romney, for example, is we're not about to pick the head of a yacht club. we're electing a president, right. so in terms of substance, you have a presidential candidate who has a secret plan. he's going to cut taxes 20% across the board, $5 trillion, but won't tell us how he'll pay for it. to me, this is insting to the american people. and this is not, in my mind, a theater performance, bob. i mean, we are sitting here-- we're going to talk polls and strategy and debate performance, but this is th isn't show business. this is about leadership and who will lead this country in the next century. >> allow me one point on this, though, which is that if you can't cooperate in a d
. this you don't see every day. it's surveillance video from church's chicken restaurant in kansas city, ken chick -- in kansas city. customers were a bit stunned by the action, nobody hurt, though. you have to wonder if that's a real samurai sword. where would you even get that? >> first of all, their chicken is not that good. >> and there is that. >>> here's a question. what do you get when you combine more than 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation? >> the answer? one heck of a halloween house show. >> welcome gangnam style. gangnam style. gangnam style. >> i've heard enough of that. >> yup, in house was singing. it was created by edwards landing lights, a holiday lights company in leesburg, virginia. i can't even talk and it's already gotten over a million hits on youtube. love the director, love the producer. >> you're going to have to sit down. >>> when we come back, though, the sexiest songs ever. that will wake us up. >> plus what you're missing when you take up one of those popular bridal magazines, just saying. it's coming up. >>> i'm back with the crew, anit
. showers have been moving southwest to northwest at a good clip. the heavier rains, the first batch north of town now. laytonsville, germantown up 270 to clarks burke. headed toward urbana and frederick. mount airy. west of -- north of ellicott city is where the showers are heading. new showers coming out of fairfax. that will head back into montgomery county. look at the showers south into prince william county. this is scattered about. this goes all the way down into areas of eastern georgia. so the moisture is in place. 66 here in town. easton 65. still mid- to upper 50s in the shenandoah valley where we've had some rain. steven in cross junction told me three tenths of an inch of rain in one hour. the weather camera showing the cloudy skies, 66 degrees. still about 20 minutes till sunrise. a light wind and humidity at 83%. there's the big fetch of moisture coming out of eastern georgia now. that's why we'll be in and out of the showers for the day. i think again more in the morning than this afternoon. here we're at 8:15. we'll advance the clock to noon. i think it will be a little mo
to normal here at reagan national airport after hurricane sandy. our first flights are due out in about half an hour from now, but i can tell you on the board behind me, there's still a lot of cancellations, even to cities like chicago o'hare that you wouldn't expect. the reason why? ahead of the storm the major carriers decided to take the planes out of reagan national airport, get them out of the way of the storm so they wouldn't just be sitting there on the tarmac with 60 mile an hour gusts. now they've got to reat a time the planes back into -- rotate those planes back into position here at reagan and that could be several days before things get completely back to normal. if you head up the eastern seaboard to new york, we are seeing resuming operations later this morning, about 7:00 a.m. at newark and j.f.k. laguardia is anybody's guess. there was so much damage at the airport because of the flooding. they are assessing that situation and they're going to tell folks when they can get back to business, maybe potentially later today we'll get an update on that. in terms of the actual econ
at this. hurricane force winds delaware, southern new jersey, ocean city as well down to around assateague. they'll be moving inland. oh, man, we're looking at gusts tonight into 6:00 a.m., the first time i'm seeing this potentially gusting to hurricane force even in the washington baltimore metro, upper part of the bay. so it is going to be really bad late tonight and early tomorrow and then even into the middle of the day tomorrow we'll still have the damaging wind. get ready for power outages, trees down, that sort of thing. it seems to be a given. finally by wednesday morning, potentially still some very gusty winds, 40, 45, 50 miles an hour will pull away here by halloween afternoon. not a pretty picture. let's just get to the forecast. winds are going to be increasing today. should be in the 40, 50, abe 60 mile an hour -- maybe 60 mile an hour gusting range, 52. tonight we dip into the low to mid-40s and stay there tomorrow as sandy continues to pummel us with the wind and the rain at least through midday. maybe down to showers by later tuesday. a little bit of recovery wednesday. by
stones are doing a 50th anniversary tour. the legendary band announced the first four dates this morning. they are playing two concerts in london next month and two more in december in newark, new jersey. concert dates for other cities will be announced ahead. tickets for the concert in newark goes on next friday, the 26th. are your better off buying a roam or rernting one according to the real estate website, buying a home in a major metropolitan area is now 45% cheaper than renting. but there's a lot of other factors that are involved in buying a house. rebecca jarvis is here with five things you need to know before you make the decision. hello. >> hello, gayle. >> i was raised to believe that if you can own it you should own it whether it's your house, or car. now after reading about you this morning maybe that's not the best thing. >> get that it is a psychological thing for a lot of people. a lot of people think of owning a home as a right of passage and something to plan for the future. but right now what people have to consider are a number of things. first one being how long your
's the one thing that is irreplaceable. >> there are reports 80% of atlantic city under water. you have been sharply critical of the mayor there. blaming him for the trapped residents. is that how you feel again this morning? >> first off, yes, it is. i also -- i have great sympathy. i said concern for the -- for the people who listen -- there was a mixed message, wrong message in mixed messages. signed an order for evacuation of atlantic city. the mayor set up shelters. we sent 75 bus tows move people out thereof and many people said to us, no the mayor said we can stay here. i mean those are the kind of mixed messages at the worst moment can cost lives. i'm upset about it. when i am is much more concerned for the folks who are -- are still trapped in atlantic city. >> why do you think the mayor said that? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i don't know. we order the evacuation of atlantic city during irene as well. and irene did not have the devastation on the coastline that sandy did. i don't know whether he thought that we were you know being chicken little here. b
held positions in syrian cities this morning despite a four day cease-fire. violence in syria on friday left more than 100 people dead. it was the first day guns were supposed to fall silent. the cease-fire was negotiated by international mediators to mark a muslim holy day. >>> the head of al qaeda is calling on muslims to kidnap westerners. latest message from ayman al zawahiri has been posted on islamist websites. he's urging follow towers join the rebel lone against the syrian government and to help impose sharia law in egypt. he said his message was delayed due to the fierce war under way in afghanistan and pakistan. >>> harry reid is back in his nevada home after he was treated and released from a las vegas hospital. he suffered minor injuries in a car accident in las vegas on friday. four of the vehicles in the accident were part of reid's motorcade. >> it's about 21 minutes after the hour. we want to go to lonnie quinn for our nation's check of the weather. >> we're looking at the entire country right now. the big story is sandy and that's one of
and application and if he gives his passport applications and record, i will give to a charity of his choice inner-city children in chicago, american cancer society, aids research, anything he wants, a check, immediately, for $5 million. the check will be given within one hour. >> first of all $5 million that's church change to you. you are a very rich man. >> he's never going to do this. what was the primary -- >> others couldn't resist the punch line. >> he has to have it by 5:00 on halloween. because that night he's renting out his orange head as a jack-o-lantern. >> we have footage of the announcement. >> teen president joined in. >> what's this thing with trump and you. me and letterman. what does he have against you here? >> this all dates back to when we were growing up together in kenya. >> trump typically has been a friend to the republican party. in february mitt romney sought his endorsement for president. >> governor romney go out and get him. >> this latest move has many on the right feeling a little wronged. conservative writer of the national review tweeted, if at any point you serious
for art lovers. for that was the day that guggenheim museum opened in new york city, designed by the legendary frank lloyd wright, the guggenheim is a kur vaish us disruption of manhattan's rectilinear street grid featuring a dizzying rotunda with a spiral ramp. from the first not everyone liked the guggenheim design. one critic compared it to a washing machine. but in a tv interview during construction write made it clear he didn't care. >> heard a lot of that type of reaction. i've always discounted it as worthless. i think it is. >> osgood: though write did not live to see the completed building, millions of others have in the more than half century since. beholding exhibits as eclectic as the exhibit itself. from motorcycles displayed as works of art to a circular celebration of picasso, whose art is currently on display. to the comforting realism of norman rockwell. the guggenheim has hoafed them all. sometimes the building itself has been part of the show >> have you worked here before never reporter: 12 years ago we sat beside artist pike as he transformed the rotunda i
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